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It was a Wednesday afternoon, and Roman was making himself a sandwich in the kitchen, facing the shared living room as he assembled his ingredients. But. i try to forget egg. I plan for Roman to come around eventually but he’s mostly going to be a dick/careless tiny owner. I promise I’ll go back to it, but I wanted to get in some practice with digital. Angst in later chapters. Blind (Logicallity -Happy end, angst, tears, panic/anxiety attack, minor blood) Friendly note that Thomas Sanders has other content besides Sanders Sides! While the Sanders Sides series is amazing and I love it with all of my heart I’m kind of getting annoyed with how people will make everything Thomas says about the Sanders Sides. Virgil yawns as he walks into the kitchen to turn off the light. angst---queen liked this Prinxiety, dominant Logan, submissive Virgil, anything polyam with more than three people as it’s difficult in 100 words. Smut free! Sorry y'all 🤷 Thank you @kittykatkattoo for drawing this cover for m shadycrushcollector said: For the angst text fic PRINXIETY, Virgil finding out at one point prince only got with him because of a dare and was gonna leave him, but he fell in love Sander sides comic dud credit 4 comic(YT: Prettyinaccurte tumblr account is in the description) - Duration: 7:55. Am I venting through Virgil? Yes. Full of Anxiety Icon by the wonderful @the-officially-kat. Please read and heed. After they started dating, Virgil woke up to a rose on his bedside table. ” Angsty Prinxiety --If you are still receiving prompts? Answer: i was in fact still receiving prompts, unfortunately finals happened to me before i could Ships: Prinxiety, Platonic Moxiety, platonic analogical, platonic dukexiety, brotherly anxceit. Anonymous said: Prinxiety, uhhhh "do you really want to do my makeup?" (For the prompt thing) thank you if you do want to write it Answer: Thank you! And of course, can’t turn down some good News from the Livestream! The episode they’ve been working on is taking a long time because they’re working with someone else (“a specific kind of artist”), and they want to provide Sanders Sides more regularly so they’re looking into providing shorter, less plot heavy “minisodes” about once a month An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works BLUE = You are my tumblr crush. Prinxiety for bonus points. No, he usually sat in the corner of the room, if he as allowed there at all. Roman tried to throw something at Virgil while shouting “Think fast!” Exactly Once. ) ~~~~~ WWhat’s good u slutty homestuck trash 413 is glubbin here and u know w)(at that means!! ♥ HOME-SUCC season has arrived ♋ :33 get your shipping wall ready!! ♈ pop ur quivering nook ♎ 4ND PR3P4R3 FOR 4 DOUBL3 MOB1US R34CH4ROUND! IF U WANT TO GET RAWED Till Grist Pours Out ThIs 413 SeNd tHiS To 15 Of yOuR HoMoSuCk pAlS! if u get 0 back ur a lonely seadwweller!♣♠ if u get 5 back ur a Roman also expresses that he feels used by him after Deceit leaves the scene. So for their @fander-secret-santa , @96aiko requested Virgil angst. The prompt was: "Sorry isn't going to help when I kick your ass!" Morality accidentally messes up one of Anxiety's favorite things, and Anxiety gets upset. Fluff Fairy, Angst Goblin. Just everything points to Remus liking Deceit . Warnings: cursing, crying, self-doubt, insecurity, insomnia mentions. Purely fluff. BROWN = I don’t like you. Trigger Warnings: Angst (with a happy ending), Panic attack, Self harm (Only slightly; pulling on hair in the non sexual way), Ask if you need anything tagged "How funny. He wanted to collapse into his arms, believe that it was the truth. (Is that ok?) sides roman ts Roman sanders crying crying tw slight angst? pairings: prinxiety, background logicality, very very background demus (only mentioned once) warnings: swearing!! sympathetic deceit and remus (mentioned once), alcohol, some angst, character has a small breakdown over loneliness. Competition is hard, both will do anything to get Roman’s attention. I enjoy fangirling, shipping and drawing. no more egg. Virgil wasn’t ready for this, though to be honest, he was never ready for anything. He had forgotten that Virgil is literally Flight or Flight personified until Virgil managed to both catch the orange and immediately throw it back before Roman had a chance to react. Romantic Prinxiety. He hadn’t felt like acknowledging Virgil for a while, really, ever since the side had kidnapped him and forced him to be his “pet”. go check them out. Star-crossed Prinxiety from Powerless. This is some of s also some of my best writing in my own personal The night of their prom, Roman thinks back on his relationship with Virgil, and later finds himself with a decision to make. Like my stuff? You can consider buying me a coffee! COMPLETED: Prinxiety: Fingerprints (Prinxiety): soulmate au in which your soulmate’s fingerprints tattoo into your body. 53 Prinxiety 54 for prinxiety? 54 prinxiety pleaseeee!! Five of you. I’m a big Prinxiety fan and I love their dynamic in fan works, but their canon dynamic is even more entertaining and hilarious because that line implies that Thomas going out in public usually results in . Remus doesnr seem to have any problems with Deceit. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. I am absolutely not above using bad tumblr prompts and requests are 100% encouraged. Exposure Therapy: If Roman can practice enough scenarios, maybe the inevitable will hurt a little less. [Angst~~~. Actual answer- old west au where Logan become sheriff and fights with Remus I’m sorry this is really shitty but holy fuck, plot twist-this is not my best markiplier the drowned man this was my reaction in like 5 seconds flat All Aboard The Anxiety Train. WaIt UnTiL i TeLl YoU wHaT I HeArD ! . It took a very long time. His Last Chance - Prinxiety. Whilst for many online personalities designing merch is a valid creative project all on its own, as someone who is known principally for their comedy content I personally feel like my merch should more often be in support of the other things I make (don’t want to go full Rihanna Pairing: Prinxiety (Romantic), Logicality (Platonic or romantic if you squint. Remember that, you sadists. 1. Logan’s Birthday - Written for Logan’s Birthday 2018 Welcome to hell where everything is on fire. You Are Here, Chapter Two, Chapter Three, Chapter Four, Chapter Five. This turned into angst I’m sorry — “Hey, Ro,” Virgil greeted, not looking up from his phone. It feels weird saying I’m an adult but being 19 I guess I am. Ace!Roman. No. Enjoy your stay! I’m not ok and not straight. Part 1 / Part 2. adorably-angsty. I know you guys prefer my traditional stuff. That is all. Deceit never sat on the couch. Genre(s): fluff, hurt/comfort . Warnings: one-sided prinxiety, angst, analogical. Implied NSFW. roman: competitive. Patton Foster didn’t live a long life, but it was a happy one. comic dub 331,445 views alpha & omega “part ii part iii” summary - this is basically the aftermath of “accepting anxiety part 2″, and it’s also based off of this prompt pairing - prinxiety if you squint word count - Trigger Warnings: Death, Blood, Angst, Just overall sad stuff, Ask if you need anything taggedThis can't be happening. Pairings: Slowburn Prinxiety, Logicality A/N: sometimes i wish this was the last chapter purely so it stopped at 21 like twenty one pilots. TW: Swearing, Kissing, Smut, Incubi AU, Overstimulation, Crying, Mpreg AU. prinxiety fanart | Tumblr Sander Sides Thomas Sanders Youtubers Otp Logan Sadie Anxiety Fanart Ships Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. Please remember that you are worth far more than what you can bring to your friends and family. tw for crying and past breakups) Here in the Garden. i want my enemy’s name on my wrist. starlight-sanders. Sleepy Boy: prompted Prinxiety drabble. Five of you asked for this. cindymoon:. He felt like he'd just been slapped. Roman placed a glass bottle down on the coffee table in front of where Virgil sat on the couch, clearing his throat and putting on a confident grin. enough egg. chekhovsgum:. “One Shots Squish by @will-iswriting-again - (Logicality- An Prinxiety AU about war, loss, grief, recovery and hope. What if Remus just couldn’t stop lying to himself. sparkedawg said: “Please don’t shut me out. My name is Gav. Am I okay? Yes. 15 May 2019 prinxiety-fandom. isharton. 1,044 notes Jul 10th, 2018 Open in app. Drunken Confessions: Prompted Prinxiety roommates fluff. turn on your fucking location hi! wanted to tell you that your art of remus and roman splitting inspired me to make my own split art and it got noticed on twitter by thomas and i wanted to thank you for inspiring me so much!! if you want to see it let me know if be more than happy to show you ️ ️😄😄 In short, I’m having trouble sleeping and have decided that painting angst is the only solution. So enjoy some College AU angst that’s inspired by All Time Low’s “Merry Christmas, Kiss My Ass” Tip Jar Summary: “ I treated you so nicely/To jewelry and champagne/But you left me empty handed/Yeah, you left me feeling played. Sorry~ (Little unimportant rant up ahead so you just ignore that if you want. This is a book of prinxiety one shots! Suggestions and requests are always appreciated! This is boy X boy so if you are not okay with that get the ____ out. I wanted to write a piece with fluff because the last Fanfiction was full of angst. Some Prinxiety with a lot of angst, because that’s what I write the best ;) but it has a happy ending, I swear, because I can’t just crush your heart. You probably shouldn’t follow me because one minute I’ll be rebloging sanders sides and the next Minecraft. Completely up to reader interpretation) Summary: Based on this post by @today-only-happens-once who honestly so talented and just an inspiration! I saw the prompt and just had to try out my own take on it! All credit to her for the idea. Here’s how this is going to work, folks! I’ll post one chapter every other day (yell at me if I forget) both here on my Tumblr and on my AO3. that first site is every writer’s dream do you know how many times i’ve tried writing something and thought god damn is there a specific word for what i’m using two sentences to describe and just getting a bunch of shit google results Don't mind me just your regular fangirl going crazy over prinxiety and logicality. (Human au) Bars and Bops Prinxiety - [Fluff] - Virgil and Roman are competing dance teachers that keep butting heads The rate at which tumblr posts are created has slowed down over the course of time beginning at about 9 billion created every couple of months down to 3 billion. He had been so scared of them, and they didn’t know why. . #prinxiety #sanders sides fic #prinxiety fic #sanders sides angst #roman sanders #virgil sanders #my fics Warnings: Angst, unhealthy ideas of one self. Roman, excitedly: Cute guy!! Virgil, shoving him out of the way and slamming a bunch of buttons at once, screaming: CUTE GUY alpha & omega part ii “part i part iii ” summary - anxiety loses his hoodie and then there’s a lot of drama pairing - eventual prinxiety word count - 1,549 warnings - angst tags - hurt/comfort, “what if one day (before prinxiety got together) prince is mad at anxiety and starts yelling and anxiety doesnt know what he did and starts tearing up and says like "i dont know what i did but please stop yelling!" and he curls up in a ball and prince's heart just. ) Later, he’ll be thankful it happened while he was in the common area this time. There will be a range from fluff to angst but no smut. Genre: Mostly fluff. P. Roman just wants to make sure Logan doesn’t get lost in trying to pick up the In short, I’m having trouble sleeping and have decided that painting angst is the only solution. ♡ I have Lupus, and I want to know if someone has it too. It’s not really a zoo but Virgil having a whole lot of pets (like spiders, dragons, ants, lizards, a cat, birds, fish, a Phoenix, some sea creatures and just a whole load of mythical and real creatures) in his room. prinxiety roman sanders virgil sanders computer tumblr is stressful collab my hands hurt from typing ahahah this was fun prinxiety shippers come get yall juice thomas sanders sanders sides taggy tag ts art lit wohooo these are so pretty mostly auggies lineart and coloring you get me? yeeee you do princy hot topic sanders You asked for angst, and angst I shall deliver. I'm in too many fandoms to count. Please read the warning tags before reading; rated M for intense themes and non-graphic violence. Host of a DID system They/their pronouns. Warnings for character death, so I’m putting it under a readmore (Also no tag list because it’s really short) a/n: me: *tosses virgil into the void* this b*tch empty!!! yeet!!! anhyway, idk who dragged me into this ship but im suffering and i want yall to suffer too warning: general warning for deceit who is named desmond and remus (cus some people don’t like them), angst but no comfort Oceans Rise. He could be on the ace/aro spectrums or be gay aligned ace/aro meaning he just feels alterous and/or aesthetic attraction for ppl of the same gender or if he happened to have a relationship would only want one with someone of the same gender It Gives a Lovely Light: 2199 words; Roman-centric, mostly fluff with a little angst, Prinxiety, This new blogging platform is all the best parts of Tumblr (and Prinxiety Head Cannon #18 - There’s so many cute and romantic ways that Prince plans to get Anxiety to admit he loves him. Logicality, Moxiety - [Angst, H/C] - When Thomas bottles up his emotions, Patton feels full and this time, it went too far. On my mind. Roman steps in to diffuse the situation. Minor gore/blood) Virgil works out what dreams mean. What begins as gentle banter between Virgil and Roman devolves into arguments that will scar the Breaking Free - Prinxiety Summary: The Sides go to a bar and sing some karaoke. I write sometimes so feel free to send me prompts! Screaming Hunger: Final Chapter Masterlist “Virgil, breakfast is ready!” Patton’s voice came muffled from downstairs. Logan especially did not understand such a violent So, anon, I kinda took the angst route with this request, as you didn't state that as it's good writing practise and I ran out of Prinxiety one shots too… oops… prinxiety for the soul, I suppose oooo. Song is Hi It’s Me by Ashnikko btw jaydeairsdraws prinxietyangst commission thomassanders prinxiety sanderssides romansanders virgilsanders Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3. - all prinxiety - - all alternate universe prinxiety ( college au - human au - high school au ) - prinxiety angst - prinxiety hurt/comfort - prinxiety fluff - prinxiety humor. Am I tired? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz pls copyright gods i lost like four hours on this dont Prinxiety One Shots Fanfiction. He had the weight of the world in his shoulders, and he was no Atlas. YELLOW = I don’t know you at all. Narrator’s Point Of View: Virgil growls, claw like nails digging into Roman’s shoulders, forcing the smaller Incubs to hiss out. The other side was peering down at him, concern and sympathy on his kind face, and Virgil realized he’d drifted off again. Drabbles/Ficlets (under 1,000 words, ish) “Here, take my blanket. I caved and made a Thomas Sanders sideblog. “Yes, Patton?” “You need help? Masterlist. why. pairings: (centric) romantic Prinxiety, (background) platonic Moxiety, romantic Logicality, platonic LAMP summary: Unhappily Ever After is the story of seventeen-year-old Virgil Hernandez and his life in the midst of his senior year in a world where everyone has a soulmate, but there’s a catch; you never know who it is and if you’ll ever And we ALL know about Anxiety *looks at the angst writters* (…fuck you, now I have to write this. requested by @impatentpending (also an author of Powerless) general moodboard taglist: softprxnce pastel-patton123 @imgay67 @ultimate-queen-of-fandoms @skylagamingfea moxiety–sanders101 crows-with-hats shit-happens-bitchachos quietlypondering pastel-patton123 @poundland-twoface Roman sanders roman Virgil sanders virgil deceit deceit sanders villian deceit Sanders sides fanfic Sanders sides prinxiety romantic prinxiety Sanders sides fic my fics this honestly kinda wrote itself?? I was gonna do something different and more fluffer but hey why not have some angst?? Prinxiety /logicality Do you remember the youtube trend the chapstick challenge it's basically where you put on different chapstick while the other person is blindfolded they have to kiss to guess what the chapstick is Logan and patton decide to bet Roman and Virgil ( who doesn't want to do it because they are trying to keep there crushes on eachother a secret ) to see who can guess the most listen gang, I need me a Prinxiety fic where Roman is the touch-starved one - I just need that Good™ Shit™ man 👌 Anonymous said: Awesome, then! How about prinxiety with top!Roman and bottom!Virgil, and they end up cummimg in their pants. Warning: Homophobic slurs and bullying. Sorry Anyway if you want my best w #anxiety #logic #morality #prince #prinxiety #roman #romance Prinxiety - Freeform; Prince/Anxiety - Freeform; Summary. So deceit helped him. dark fanders show me the roman angst. Hey, kiddos. i’m so tired of the AU where your soulmate’s name is on your wrist. Major Character Death Prior To Events. i wanna know who i’m going to have to physically fight eventually. i bury egg as far as i can but somehow someone always finds fucking egg post. TEAL = We have a lot in common. AO3. On my tumblr, prinanalogicality, I received a prompt from a drabble list. They were always at odds though it had gotten better since Thomas had talked to them. This can't be happening. Now all in one post for convenience~ Eventually I’ll do part two (Cinderella with Logicality) and part three (Sleeping Beauty with Remy x Emile) but right now I’ve got a million other things to do xD the diaries part 4 sfw sanders sides thomas sanders virgil sanders prinxiety roman sanders future prinxiety romantic prinxiety angst angst with happy ending sanders sides fan fiction sanders sides writing ts virgil ts roman sympathetic deceit i think??? food mention eating disorder throwing up vomit recovery roman angst abusive virgil roman sanders remus sanders roceit deceit sanders me *thru tears*: fucking SUPERB abusive prinxiety tell me if i forgot any tags! chekhovsgum:. In its place were moments of calm, where one of the other sides would often find them curled up on the couch together, movie still playing on the screen. Screaming Hunger: Chapter 17 Masterlist Patton, Logan, and Roman were concerned for Virgil. RED = I hate you with a burning passion. thatsrosegold liked this Virgil has a Tumblr…His Kids Find Out (Platonic Prinxiety) =Post-Apocalypse AU= Ask Prompt: Apologizing Before Passing Out with Logicality (Angst w/ Hurt/Comfort) The World Still Hungers (Librarian!Emile Picani-centric; includes platonic LAMP) =Sally Face AU= Bulleted Brainstorming Post tumblr just got even worse elisamaza on that note PLEASE let me know if i’m suddenly posting random pictures of women with a link underneath the photo. Word Count: 2564 The chef shivered as a gust of wind blew in his face. demiromantic love - prinxiety and implied endgame dlamp! fluff with a slight bit of angst. (1,089 words) Logicality. Lacking The others worry they aren’t enough Between my love of Prinxiety and the fandom’s love of Roceit rubbing off on me, I have come to the conclusion that Roman has a Type. my art sanders sides virgil sanders ts virgil virgil angst skssksksksk angst im proud of this rn but who knows might just be bcs im sleepy pfff Sanders Sides Demigod AU Exactly what the title says! The Sanders Sides boys in a Camp Halfblood AU! Main blog is @gryffindorofcabin21. ◇◇◇ Author: *calls a group of doves to drop Virgil angst into my hands*. (Pairing is Prinxiety, with past Royalixiety. Summaries with “” around them don’t have actual summaries but are either snippets from asks or A/Ns that somewhat explain the fic. Hell; He even tries to bring deceit into the video and seems excited about it. CHAPTER TWO. 0 License I got commissioned by an anon on Tumblr to do some Prinxiety angst, so, a month later, here it is. probably gives a speech before putting down each card. Everything was too much. Virgil was just finishing up his new eyeshadow as Patton called, he had everything this is an useless tumblr account. [[MORE]]One new message! Hi Dee, want to be in the next video? - Roman One new message! So Thomas is cool with it. Main pairing is prinxiety but also some side logicality. Filed under: Prinxiety i wrote this instead of doing homework i also avoided writing another thing idk im bad at writing fluff?? im only good at angst Prince Sanders Roman Sanders Virgil Sanders Anxiety Sanders Fanfic My work mine fluff? My Hero: Prompted Prinxiety post-DWIT fluffy angst. Brat {Prinxiety} Summary: Roman is being a pain in the ass, so Virgil decides Roman deserves the same…right over Virgil’s lap. Influenced by Ace Attorney. Roman. I post a lot (try to) of Prinxiety when I'm sad so fair warning. Also feel free to send asks for the boys and for me! Guys I am s o b b i n g I have found a third fandom This has never happened before I am crying, my pathetic body cannot handle the EXPLOSION of love for MULTIPLES of Fictional Characters Prinxiety: smeared lipstick, bandaging someone after a fight, playful smirks, cities lit only by streetlights, singing musicals on an abandoned stage, sweeping someone off their feet, knowing someone will defend you as much as you’d defend them, fingers running through hair, cuddling as it storms , old scripts, adrenaline rushes patton sanders roman sanders logan sanders virgil sanders thomas sanders talyn answers sanders sides creativity morality logic anxiety prinxiety 871 Oct 25 2017 virgil sanders roman sanders logan sanders patton sanders thomas sanders sanders sides ask box open // emetophobia //passing out answers I guess for that one anon who wanted virgil I started watching The Umbrella Academy recently (and finished it lol) and if anyone knows me then they knowwww I love my boy Klaus :3 I also decided that the Panic! Damsel in Distress. if the queen can have two birhtdays why not jordan? idk if the difference is quite a big as in a veiw from here but i tired XD prinxiety sanders sides roman sanders virgil sanders pull him down to your level roman fanart my art roman so wearing a 'could be gayer' shirt but COULD He? 🖤tag me in your platonic prinxiety 🖤 ️🧡💛💚💙💜 Sea, she/they (demigirl), 14, writer, editor, very much ace and proud, feel free to talk to me! I most likely will, of course, mom friend you. What type of relationship: platonic and romantic Ships: prinxiety, logicality, poly Prompt 1(sfw): A day of laughter and fun at a park/lake (someone could end up in the lake) dancing under the moonlight. Pairing: Prinxiety. Sunshine (One-sided moxiety - angst, sad, tears. All Systems Go Moxiety, Prinxiety - [Fluff] - Patton convinces Virgil to go through with a good plan. Things We Used To Share(Prinxiety Angst) Tw: Breakup fighting and mentions of Deceit Word Count: 830 Ship: Prinxiety Notes: This mainly focuses on the impact a breakup and fight would do to Roman, if fanfiction fanfic Platonic SMNTH Shaking My New Top Hat Angst Deceit snake swearing @fandersfic-logince, @fandersfic-moxiety, @fandersfic-prinxiety, @fandersfic Okay but like, if Roman disappeared wouldn’t the others also disappear? Because it’s been acknowledged before in the 22nonbinary-alien03 liked this Facade: Chapter 1 “Roman?” Patton heard something in Roman’s room clatter to the ground and a muffled mutter before he heard Roman’s response. Preface for the blog: Tonight I proudly present what for the time being is my penultimate drop. This blog became inactive, not because I lost the hyper fixation, although that soon followed, but because of the way I was being viewed on here. Summary: It is Christmas Eve in the mind palace, and the Sides are shocked to learn that Virgil is such a grinch when it comes to Christmas. Romantic Prinxiety with a side of Logicality. Logan and Patton were arguing over something again. Blanket Hog: Prinxiety drabble fluff. " Virgil felt his heart drop, his throat close, eyes sting. Now Remus is really every july. He flicks the switch and walks over to the sink to fill himself a glass of water. Jk, my sunny exterior just hides the mountain of mental health issues I pretend I don't have. I write sometimes so feel free to send me prompts! Don't mind me just your regular fangirl going crazy over prinxiety and logicality. Between my love of Prinxiety and the fandom’s love of Roceit rubbing off on me, I have come to the conclusion that Roman has a Type. WHITE honeythanvinegar-deactivated201 said: Prinxiety, "I'm not your knight, Roman. His Virgil. - moxiety angst - moxiety hurt/comfort - moxiety fluff - moxiety humor. But it gets better. under the read more-0- -0--0--0- oOo -0--0--0--0-He was shaking, his vision was unfocused, and his head was splitting in two. -More angst! Scars! Logan has loads of scars! Sometimes he gets pains and then Pat will take his time kissing each scar-Pat is the only one who can get through to Logan when he goes full anger vampire mode -The very first time Logan went full anger vamp he did attack Patton. Emotional Support Twink At You Service Under The Door Prinxiety asks somehowsnakeblog prinxiety prinxiety fic sanders sides sanders sides fic roman sanders virgil sanders prinxiety fluff paper trail this took a hot minute to get out but i was on hiatus until like yesterday i wrote this in less than 24 hours so roast me if there's a typo I present to you: A Pre-Prinxiety [or simply Prinxiety] Locked Out fic (also sorta incorporated this post by @glitz-glam-and-angst ) [Mmhmm yes here’s the fic i promised right on time (I might go back Because like. based off a real situation in which i was virgil and my girlfriend was roman, it was a lot more dramatic when it happened but anyway hhh here,, i also managed to mess up my hand again at school today (i get shooting pains when i draw) so i’ll try and rest it for like a day?? sfkjsghdskrg anyway enjoy SANDERS SIDES FAIRYTALE AU: PART 1: SNOW WHITE. this post could be dead for months but it always managed to come back like some sort of zombie egg. Just very few ^^-I headcanon they were very hesitant to accept Deceit at first, Patton was the one to reach out to him -They decided he wasn’t a scary villain and were much more accepting when they saw him burrow into like five heated blankets while doing the dumb little purr-hiss thing he does @angsty-prinxiety-trash. Implied cheating, lots of sadness. Toxic Prinxiety in the second picture lol. While the two of them know where they want to go in life, Patton has no clue and feels lost in his journey to the rest of his life. Remus had gotten on his nerves, even if they were only filming a video for Thomas’s channel. Language: English @fandersfic-prinxiety @meginoi @help-i-wrote-fanfic @datoneidiot @ravenclawangst @cecil-the-scientist-catcher @pattykrabbies @fandomsandanythingelse @everyday-emo-stuff @zamoradraw @sopi-montezzz @fanderily okay apparently tumblr didn’t tag y’all in this chapter OR the previous one so I’m so sorry!! Here’s chapter 10! #prinxiety #prinxiety angst #prinxiety smut #angst #smut #sanders sides #virgil sanders #roman sanders #fanfiction. Especially Anx. 4,091 notes. I've Come Home - Prinxiety Fanfiction An attempt at some Prinxiety angst. They were all broken. Their Virgil. Roman and Anxiety had been going out for a few months and the fights had dwindled. Prinxiety [ Roman x Virgil ] Summary: HS AU, Roman runs into his childhood friend, Virgil… but Virgil’s changed. Find Funny GIFs, Cute GIFs, Reaction GIFs and more. Search Sander Sides Text Story List if you're into that Virgil and Logan; one left handed desk, and a coffee date. The emo left Anxiety’s Zoo. Ships : Prinxiety & Roceit. They were happy, for lack of a better of word. Thank you cel; without you, this fic would not be possible. I Won’t Let Go - [Prinxiety] So, this is a little something I wrote for @sugarglider9603‘s Mario AU. Safety In Logic: Platonic angst-police liked this sanders sides cartoon therapy emile picani virgil sanders roman sanders prinxiety logan sanders patton sanders logicality zenpai edits Incorrect Quotes: Prinxiety Merlin AU Edition So someone that tumblr won’t let me tag (@rubixcubes-and-crowbars) sent in an ask to another fanders blog asking about a Prinxiety BBC Merlin AU and then Mod Lissa’s Recommendations In honor of of the one year anniversary, here’s a masterlist of some of my personal favorite fics for the fandom. Deceit didn’t feel like acknowledging Virgil. That's about it. Keep reading Prinxiety with height difference . Angst. my art sanders sides virgil sanders ts virgil virgil angst skssksksksk angst im proud of this rn but who knows might just be bcs im sleepy pfff I guess I'll just post whatever, including my crappy drawings. why does this god forsaken website love egg. I hope you all My Fics Fics with “neutral” followed by a ship mean that the ship is implied. The Witching Hour: prinxiety drabble angst. School AU. 4k of prinxiety make out/fluff under the cut because I have no self-control Virgil kisses like a storm. fuck eg I'm Apollo I'm not going to lie I'm a bit of a mess. Empires Fall. taglist under the cut. Taglist Author: *hands me a prinxiety fanfic*. ” - ambiguous logicality! fluff. And never in front of it either. Anx gets beaten up, but no descriptions of that. This fic is primarily Prinxiety, but it has some wonderful tidbits of Logicality despite the prompt from my dear friend cel. For @not-so-innocent-bi-sander, HAPPY slightly late BIRTHDAY!!. prinxiety-comic | Tumblr Thomas Sanders Vines Sander Sides Thomas And Friends Septiplier Danisnotonfire Black Butler Logan Black Butler Anime Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. like, two doodles that are prinxiety though. Remembered (Prinxiety, more angst & a bit of a fluffy pick up ;) ) Virgil misses the one he lost. Pairings: Prinxiety (Roman/Virgil) Warnings: Swearing, no smut, angst, sadness, arguing, sad ending, crying. Answer: (Oh, I have a wonderful idea for this. But clearly one of the best gods around. Note: Alright, I’ve never seen High School Musical and won’t Prinxiety Headcanon. Although they meet up with them or Remy quite a bit, they mainly Monster AU Part 3. Constructive criticism/ feedback is appreciated. featuring: the obligatory identity crisis and crush on your best friend 90% of LGBT+ people experience in their life. turn on your fucking location Your Heart(s) Will Guide You Home: LAMP/Emile Picani x Sleep (Remy) Sanders - Soulmate AU/Angst With a Happy Ending - Words: 14,381 [ If you like my work, please consider buying me a coffee! I’d appreciate the support! ] Brotherly Logince angst. I'm deaf, biro-ace,genderfluid (any pronouns),and sad. Why do I ship prinxiety? Well, can we talk about the way they look to each other? I mean, first, when Roman shows his new outfit in Fitting in (Hogwarts Houses!), Virgil looks so, damn, JUST LOOK AT Links: Tumblr Chapter 1 Ao3 Chapter 1 Ao3 Chapter 2 ~~~~~ Lunch was a glorious respite from the classes of the day. 5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect I’m not a photo editor, someone just made an edit similar and I wanted to try. most of them also available on my ao3. And if you don’t like it you can kiss this¹ Virgil Angst Tumblr. Virgil is done with his shit TM. Don't know if i'm going to post stuff of my writing but we we'll have to wait and see. ” 54- “Please breathe, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I didn’t-” Human AU, Prinxiety. and the truth hurts more than the nightmare. College AU. Beautiful: crossdressing Prinxiety one-shot. Obsessed Logan drabble that doesn’t fit into any of my stories, but I want to post it anyway. Paige she/her 17. It’s just the faintest rumble in the distance at first, the space between them on the couch slowly shrinking, a sidelong glance, a smirk, flashes of teeth biting down on a soft, pillowy lip. Virgil finally looked at him, then at the bottle, then back at Roman. A compilation of Prinxiety (and background Logicality) one-shots from my own brain. “Some pre accepting anxiety angst ” OMG, I Prinxiety prompt you say? How about Prinxiety, stuck on an elevator? The only communication they have with anyone is from the elevator phone? Not much but maybe you can a little something with it Prinxiety for your thoughts. Answer: Welp, this was supposed to be angst, but it ended up being fluff. " write away. Words: 495. Explicit sexual content will be clearly marked as such. The break itself still didn’t quite leave Virgil’s sliding scale between ok and awful, but Patton would be there, so that levelled it up to being classified as good. Virgil left. Language: English Prinxiety One Shots Fanfiction. gets hit with a draw four and cries for five minutes in the bathroom. Prinxiety - Freeform; Prince/Anxiety - Freeform; Summary. I'm Lummie! 19 Years old, multifandom Non-binary. Hurt/Comfort Romantic Prinxiety. PROLOGUE A/N: I have not written angst in actual years! PLEASE read the warnings and tread lightly. Instagram Explore #SanderSides HashTags . ] Kisses [Prinxiety] Parings: Prinxiety. Oh god Virgil wishes that this wasn't happening, that this was all fake, this was all just a dream. ” Anonymous: Just found you one YouTube for the prinxiety Rewrite The Stars and I'm dying I love it so much but it hurts so bad😢 can I request you draw them anyways lmao I’m sorry for hurting you anon! you forget how much you enjoy angst until you’re the one creating it rip,,, slightly-functioningsociopath-d said: Anxiety with non-binary dysphoria. Liknande idéer. Y’all are all out here talking about the Sides toxic behavior towards each other as if this isn’t a series that is explicitly about a guy who has issues with mental health and self acceptance working through his self destructive tendencies and learning to treat himself with more kindness and understanding. Prinxiety Jealous. I’m just figured I’d let you know what I’ve been thinking about and realizing recently. School  31 Aug 2017 For the angst text fic PRINXIETY, Virgil finding out at one point prince only got with him because of a dare and was gonna leave him, but he fell  8 Oct 2018 It Gives a Lovely Light: 2199 words; Roman-centric, mostly fluff with a little angst, Prinxiety, Roman's POV; “Roman is used to exhausting  Dance With Me (Prinxiety One-Shot) Woah…I didn't expect so many people to like that Logicality one-shot…Thanks to everyone who liked or reblogged it! Now   15 Jul 2018 Pairings: prinxiety, mentions of background logicality. the summary stopped applying to the entire story like,, halfway through but i dont want to change it because thats what this story was originally centered around btw logan’s birthday is august 31st, 2001 this is the stupidest thing i’ve ever made and i’m so, so proud of it. Never. None of those end up working, because Anxiety tells Prince without being Hello everyone. Check out my AO3 for angst and shipping Writing tag is paper trail If you like my writing, please buy me a ko-fi! finished my artwork for @ts-storytime ! I got @nottodaylogic story and drawing this was a super fun project for it! • • • Dm me if you’re interested in commissions! One New Message Summary: Vague Deceit angst with an implied mystery abuser. Anonymous asked: Fun fact: Tumblr considers you a Sleepxiety blog! Also I really love your blog and it always makes me smile okay that's all have a good day! ~💜💛 "I'm not sure," Patton replied, reaching out to the wolf, Zurie. (553 words) Surprise- Prinxiety Fanfiction A short piece of Prinxiety Fanfiction. PURPLE = I don’t talk to you but I really love your blog. He cringed, sitting up in the chair and stretching. Sorry to everyone, including Anx. Warning: None _____ Summary: Patton Hart lives with his college roommates, Logan Mandel and Roman Prince. 5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect Kdflskdfjkhdslj prinxiety is soft (Sorry I’ve been posting so much digital stuff lately. I don’t know if the prinxiety will end up romantic or platonic. so I had to make some angst art for it [[MORE I had a cute Prinxiety idea and I don’t write nearly enough Prinxiety, so here it is! PG - Warnings for angst with a happy ending and quite a bit of swearing on Virgil’s end. Links will open in a new tab. Alternative title : Two Yanderes for One Prince Roman is a popular guy, but he is even more popular than he thinks. Warnings: Pure romantic sappy fluff with a side dose of angst * “Virgil? Sweetie?” Virgil lifted his head and blinked up at Patton. breaks. English is not my native language. Warnings: Deceit, slight angst, touch starved. sanders sides #Roman sanders #virgil sanders #logan sanders #deceit sanders #sympathetic deceit #DLAP #roceit #logince #prinxiety . - all royality - - all alternate universe royality ( college au - human au - high school au idea logan sanders logic sanders angst minor angst we interupt your regulalry scheduled fluff for this angst and nooooo of course i'm not projecting it's the mcfucking special child syndrome thing shut up el fluffysidesstuff Elena - She/her - Christian - Latina - Thomas Sanders and Other things I find amusing. I've needed to solely focus on the upcoming Sanders Sides video and travel for business these past few days. prinxiety | Tumblr. Warnings: fluff, angst, closeting, getting outed, homophobia, kissing, panic attacks, parental neglect, cursing, let me know if I missed anything. 1,501 notes Feb 26th,  21 Nov 2017 kickthenavi-deactivated20180601 said: prinxiety- danger (I'm craving some angst on this cold night) Answer: Heeeyyy this was meant to be  The Five Times Patton Smiled And The One Time It Didn't Reach His Eyes - Angsty. ANNNDDDDDD NOW HERES PART 3!! PRINXIETY AND LOGICALITY! these took a lil while but hey i did it AND in the mean time we hit 400 followers!!! Isnt that so cool!!!!! Thank you!!!!! Also heres a secret: all three of the sets of dresses have like a ‘theme’ and so like. 53- “I can’t believe I trusted you. Warnings: Hypothermia, Near-death experiences, food mentions, and as always, let me know if I’ve missed any! Masterlist. Prinxietysanders Sides Could You Not Angst Mwp Wattpad. Romantic Royality. Post all your Sanders Sides theories here! Personally I haven't seen a blog like this yet, and with the latest developments with Deceit this needs to be thing! So please, let's gather all of our Prinxiety and Logince Fusion. Prinxiety brother: *has duct-taped a shoebox together as “wrapping” my gift* FINISHED! Mom: You have to but a name on it! Prinxiety brother: *using a ballpoint pen on the duct-tape* This isn’t 1. Sing For Me: prompted analogical fluff. TStweet 24/10/19 : I want to apologize for the lack of short vids and YouTube vids this past week, guys. 05:52pm 26th July 2019 here’s some extra angst to celebrate before the boycott! everyone click~ daily kena says stuff prinxiety roman sanders tw death mention tw implied death virgil sanders 508 notes Masterlist of my fics. Who will win the heart of Prince sanders-sides-fics. His book and knees hit the floor at the same time. angst-juice liked this Warnings: sex, drinking, smoking (cigarettes), angst (and I mean angst), New York City, fluff Summary: Nearing their two year anniversary, Logan and Patton spend their two week break between tour legs in New York about a twenty minute drive from where Roman is staying with Virgil. No Ship masterpost amber's masterpost ambersky sanders sides analogical corrupted prinxiety amberskywrites intrulogical dukeceit roceit Master List My Stories Note: Content warnings are on the stories themselves. Ships: Logicallity (mostly), platonic Prinxiety? (any ship can be seen if you look hard enough really) Main idea: Spooky magic cowboy logicallity meme but angst (I’m gonna keep calling it this). Pairings: Platonic DLAMP/CALMD, prinxiety, logicality. ” Day 6: Dragged Away. a mindless night of scrolling through Tumblr, but Patton's puppy-dog  Explore and share the best Tumblr Angst GIFs and most popular animated GIFs here on GIPHY. On the Verge of a Heartbreak - MASTERLIST! Eventual Moxiety. I think both Roman and Virgil have the same fear of being cast aside and/or forgotten in one level or another, maybe one day they'll talk about it, but for now the idea was just really fun to draw! That threat hit home when Khan says his roommate, a fellow translator for the U. ” Virgils voice was breathless, voice barley above a whisper, he felt as though he was walking on egg shells. slaps logan at the game’s climax Kdflskdfjkhdslj prinxiety is soft (Sorry I’ve been posting so much digital stuff lately. S. Summary: Deceit is touch starved and craves affection. 💛 Fandom nerd 💛 Queer in every sense of the word 💛 American raised 💛 Chamorro roots 💛 Actor 💛 Athlete 💛 Activist 💛 vergeangst: “vergeangst: “Why can’t I stop watching this ” I swear to god I’ve watched this like fifty times and I can’t stop laughing ” He l p m e Pairings: Platonic Moxiety, Platonic LAMP, Endgame Prinxiety, Endgame Logicality. Lots of angst and fearplay. They have tons of amazing art and Aus. This could suggest both a lack of original content being created by users (instead only reblogging) and/or a lack of users actively using tumblr anymore. However, when he was informed he only had a few days to live, he begged he would survive. every fucking july this post gets reblogged to shit. #prinxiety #prinxiety fics #roman sanders #virgil sanders #sanders sides #my fics #icequeenoriginal. Cuz angst. Patton has a large scar across his back from it. Virgil’s backpack was heavy on his shoulders, the one strap slipping down every few steps or so from how he slouched. Summary: Prinxiety Soulmate AU where you feel your soulmates pain; Roman starts getting bruises that aren’t his, and uh oh he’s doing a concern for his soulmate. i gave egg a voice in 2013 and it always comes back. This just makes me think of angst where roman betrays him and he looks upon on the dead roses in sadness. PINK = I think you are unattractive. *sanders sides*thomas sanders*sanders sides fanart*virgil sanders*roman sanders*tssides*thomas sanders virgil*thomas sanders roman*prinxiety*not intended but could certainly be read into it*and an artist's got to market*im praying to the tumblr gods that thisll Btw it was supposed to be kind of cute too…not just angst, but I think because I decided to base these off real events, that I should tell good stories, along with the bad. GREY = I wish you would notice me. I love feedback! Critique is greatly appreciated! okay so I THINK i did good on this series? i actually cried writing the last chapter so I think that’s a good sign for an angst with a happy ending series? Things We Used To Share(Prinxiety Angst) Tw: Breakup fighting and mentions of Deceit Word Count: 830 Ship: Prinxiety Notes: This mainly focuses on the impact a breakup and fight would do to Roman, if prinxiety roman sanders virgil sanders ts virgil sanders sides virgil ts ts roman ts creativity ts anxiety roman x virgil logicality patton sanders logan sanders ts logan ts patton angst suicide mention songfic far too young to die panic at the disco panic! at the disco panic! sanders sides fanfiction sanders side fic sanders sides like IMAGINE having a crush on somebody for 4 years and you both know theres feelings between you but you cant do anything about it because 1) you’ve been prophesized to die in a matter of hours and it would be cruel of you to start something and then abandon her the way she’s been abandoned her entire life and 2) she knows that you are meant to die and has known it since the day you met -Angst is an Art- Fan fic writer Ask for any ship (No NSFW) angsty-prinxiety-trash posted this I made a Tumblr just for the birthday videos now so everything so for Prinxiety I really like pining Roman but it’s come to my attention that pining Virgil is also really cute,,, like they both are!!! I mean: Pining Roman ( + bonus oblivious Virgil ) • he thinks Please don’t steal or repost! Powerful and demonic Virgil anyone? I’ve seen a few posts were they discribed Virgil if Thomas was in extreme anxiety/panic, and this is what I pictured! madtomedgar: “ pre-’Sensibility’ angsty lams smut below have fun Keep reading ” Hi! I am just this kinda weird person. don’t click the link, just FYI. But then why also a lack of Oliver’s masterpost of fics - updated one shots/mini series: LRVerse - human au (rp blog @pattonsfam-ily)Spacey - Virgil and his boyfriend Coda (my oc) spend some time together. Adrift: “Do I even ask how much sleep you got last night, Specs?” Last night was rough. all of it is angst and prinxiety. Also posted on my AO3 account of the same prinxiety | Tumblr. Basically Roman is a privileged jerk that gets stuck taking care of Virgil as a pet. the sides playing uno is something i need. He smiled, picking it up and walking over to a vase full of previous roses. Both Virgil and Damian (Deceit) fell for his charms, but they have a peculiar way of showing it. trash-talking, flaunting, a giant tease, all the dramatics. Also posted on my AO3 account of the same name. Bisexual with a lot of pride. I promise I’ll go back to it, but I wanted to get in some practice Demons Of Lust And Love-Prinxiety. Masterlist. TW: None “Roman, I… I don’t really know what to think. 00) in teal and black, a clutch from AllSaints (not available online, similar style pictured), a Tiffany Atlas Narrow Open Bangle in 18K Gold ($3,500. Warning: Cursing, Angst, Crying, Hearts Broken, Leaving people behind, Remus and Deceit are in this story! But they aren't the bad guys!--The other sides can't stop crying. ORANGE = I don’t like your blog. I'm too weak and pathetic. More specifically, Prinxiety angst. Thing i learned some time ago! hope you all find it helpful ( perspective grids can be your Happy halloween! I wanted to do something for the occasion, and what's scatier then being left alone? :3. A/N: Here, have some fluff with a side of angst! (Also quick warning, there’s a mention of Deceit in here) Enjoy! When Roman didn’t answer Virgil’s knocking at the door, a dozen different scenarios whirled through his head. What if it was a really bad habit. Word count: 2,124. the-pastel-peach: “ soft prinxiety commission for @a-valorous-choice for their fic you can read here //DONT REPOST MY ART(ESPECIALLY COMMISSIONED ART)//ONLY REBLOGS// ” WOAH WOAH WOAH No Ship-Roman Angst. You thought I cared. glitz-glam-and-angst ectoimp. Angst Quing and Dee Trash. romansandersides Instagram posts ( photos and videos) - Instazu com. In fact, it took too long. prinxiety sanders sides roman sanders virgil sanders angst art digital art thomas sanders. But the blood coating his hands and staining the perfect white of his lover's clothes is real. Fragrance of Dark Coffee - Romantic Prinxiety. All Aboard The Anxiety Train. Sorry for the delay! And also for giving you angst. More. Reblog/reply to this post if you want to be tagged in my fics. prinxiety angst tumblr

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